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We Drew every street in New York City on Our Apartment Wall.

🎵 "I'll make Manhattan..." 🎶

July 7, 2017
Alphabet City, NY

Today we woke up after a long night of gigs with a half-tin of leftover paint and a bottle of cheap wine, so we painted Manhattan on our wall. We included every avenue, park, and street all the way up to Inwood, where we first lived upon moving here in 2014. This apartment building is an artists’ co-op. All of our neighbours are artists of one kind or another. We like them all, a lot.

The previous tenant —the late poet laureate of the Lower East Side— had scrawled all kinds of things on the walls in the long time he lived in this apartment. Everything from nuggets of ideas to phone numbers he didn’t want to forget. It was amazing to see his sketches and scribblings as he’d left them before we moved in. He was a real character.

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