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If we haven’t already met— Hi, I’m Jason! 👋

I’m a New Yorker cartoonist, author, and comedian originally from Perth, Western Australia. I live in New York with my wife and my ridiculous dog, Morris. We’ve been here for 10 years, which means my journal is full of crazy stories I haven’t shared with anyone. Yet.

I’ve worked as a professional cartoonist and served on the boards of cartoonist organizations for 20 years, being elected President of both the Australian Cartoonists Association (AU) and National Cartoonists Society (US). (A real glutton for punishment, I know.)

👉 More about me here.

The stories I share aren’t in any particular order.

If you upgrade to paid, you’ll get cartoons, stories, thoughts, and sketches from my life in all forms.As well as my weekly cartoon on a Thursday, you can expect posts in such categories as:

🗒️ SKETCHBOOKS: For the past 20 years I’ve carried a sketchbook with me everywhere I go. I have years of journals and sketchbooks with stories that I’ve never shared before— until now!

☕️ LONG READS: Stories that you could read over a big mug of coffee.

⚡️ SHORT READS: Stories that you could read over a shot of espresso.

🎙️ COMEDY: My gig stories and tour journals from doing stand-up comedy for the past 17 years in both the US and Australia.

✍️ LIVE DRAWING: For 20 years I’ve been doing live drawing of special events— both for clients and sometimes for myself.

😇 PEOPLE YOU MIGHT LIKE: I share people from all walks of creative life who, if you like me, you’ll probably enjoy too.

🗯️ YOUR SHOUT: I love hearing stories from other New Yorkers, so if people send me theirs I sometimes post them with a custom illustration.

You can get a 14-day free trial to take a peek behind the curtain of what Paid Subscribers get. If it doesn’t float your boat, no worries!

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