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This is such a great story! Looking forward to reading more.

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Great Story, Jason! About 25 years ago, I was asked/told by my boss to help out an employee in obtaining a Green Card (I was the office manager at a Graphic Design firm, but I was mostly referred to as the Jr. Woodchuck, as I had the ability to solve problems in ways that most people would not have thought of). I had everything I needed lined up and the employee's Work Visa was about to expire and that's when the government decided to shutdown for awhile. I can't remember everything I did and I'm sure a few of them were in the gray area of being legal, but I managed to get him an EB-1 Green Card. I do remember telling my boss not to put me through that again because if I tried doing what I did, I was sure that there would be a few people in nicely pressed suits showing up at the front door to ask a few probing questions.

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Welcome! What a fun and especially New Yorking read. It's quite clear to me that all those vaccinations you had to endure were just meant for this apartment! I'll be checking in to make sure you've survived.

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