Today's New Yorker daily Cartoon, and thoughts on creative partnerships.

December 2022

Because of course I drew Morris as a kangaroo.
Another year, another uncomfortable self-portrait.
+ the morbid pandemic sidewalk game of "Fled or Dead".

November 2022

A borrowed rolltop I called home for 6 years.
Happy Turkey Day. Put something on your head.

October 2022

"I’m staring right at future-me. I give it five years before I look like Mortie."
Spoiler alert: Sophie caught it right after me, and it didn't go well!
The curious, deceptively simple ritual of several longtime professional cartoonists.
Fellow comedian Tristan Smith and I left our blue bubble and hit the road to do comedy and accidentally saw what the rest of the country were thinking.

September 2022

Eavesdrawing in New York. First published in the New Yorker
A traumatic run-in with the barber on 3rd street between Avenue C and B