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They say sitting is the new smoking. Unless you're meditating.
"NAAAAAAAUUUUUURRRR!" After nine years of protesting its very existence, I finally stepped into the cultural theme park that is Outback Steakhouse…
Dangerfields might have been a bit of a shithole, but it was MY shithole.
One of the most innovative, prolific cartoonists that ever lived, died today. At 102.
"The term ‘hot Chinatown garbage’ rings a pungent bell with any New Yorker who’s had the privilege of stepping through puddles of putrid trash water in…
"Katie Couric wants you to draw a caricature of Larry David for the wall at Sardi's. She would like to present it to him at the restaurant, live on her…
My third-favourite Bosnian comedian booked a comedy show Friday night in the middle of a Ukrainian restaurant in Maspeth.
Today's New Yorker daily Cartoon, and thoughts on creative partnerships.
Spoiler alert: Sophie caught it right after me, and it didn't go well!
The curious, deceptively simple ritual of several longtime professional cartoonists.
Fellow comedian Tristan Smith and I left our blue bubble and hit the road to do comedy and accidentally saw what the rest of the country were thinking.
Eavesdrawing in New York. First published in the New Yorker