Sitemap - 2023 - New York Cartoons

Caricaturing the Caricaturists in Paris: Then and Now.

#365: Best of New York Cartoons, A Clown Car of a Year & 2023 Sketchbook Megapost

Paris Sketchbook #1: Christmas Creatures of Bar 228

#364: Merry Christmas, Drawing on Inanimate Objects, Organic Grill NYC Sketchbook!

Is A.I. Art Killing the Live Cartooning Business?

#363: Mugs on Mugs, New Yorkers Comedy Show, Ludlow House Sketchbook, & Paris Recommendations?

#362: Blocked & Reported Holiday Party, Hit-N-Run Sketchbook, & Stooping in NYC!

Sketchbook: The Blocked & Reported New York Holiday Party

#361: Morris the Holiday Goblin, Thanksgiving on the New York Subway, & Dracula Sketchbook!

Subway Sketchbook #2: A Man Bun, An Addict, and I get caught drawing someone...

New York Photo Archive

#360: 10 Years of Meditation, Millie in Philly & Give the Gift of (a drawing of your) Kids!

A Decade of Zen: 10 Unexpected Lessons from Daily Meditation

#359: ChatfieldGPT, The New York Public Library, & Judging Cake on TV!

#358: Sophie Runs the NYC Marathon, 10 Years of Meditation & #ScotchBathSunday!

Scotchbath Sunday: How Plantar Fasciitis Led to the Discovery of my Favorite Sunday Ritual

#357: NO-Vember, No More Comics & Watch Me on HBO Max!

#19: Dana Jeri Maier

It’s no laughing matter. Austerity, consolidation, and platform disparity undermine cartoons and comics


#356: "Real" New Yorkers, Outback Mistake House & Emergency Contact!

Outback Mistake-House

#18: Anthony & Lauren LeDonne

#17: Joe Dator

#16: Emily Flake

#15: Anna Codrea-Rado

#14: Mort Gerberg

#13: Gavin Aung Than

#12: Nancy Beiman


#11: George Booth

#10: Ann Telnaes

#9: Ed Steckley

#8: Hilary Fitzgerald Campbell

#7: Tom Richmond (@Art4Mad)

#6: Chaz Hutton of "Outlined"

#5: Sofia Warren of "You're Doing Great!"

#4: ToonStack!

#3: Brendan Leonard

#355: NO-Vember, Meeting Frasier, Picture This! & New York Comic Conked!

Ep 68 - Making your own Path with Jason Chatfield

#354: My First Bloomin' Onion, New York Comic Con, Joe Dator & Nells Bells!

#353: Comics Crossroads Sketchbook, Nells Bells, & ComicLab Interview with Sarah Anderson (also me).

Jason's Infinite Sketchbook

#2: Bob Eckstein of "The Bob"

#1: Anne Kadet of "Café Anne"

#352: Jazz Scribblin' at Dizzy's, Sneaky Art Podcast, & Birthday Lunch w/ Nick Galifianakis

🗽Your Shout #2: The Missing Wallet of The Lower East Side

Best birthday gift ever... A lead in a film shot entirely on a telephone.

#351: Drawing Hungry New Yorkers on the UES, TimeOut New York gives me an official title & a farewell Thank You!

A Farewell Thanks: 4 Years of being National Cartoonists Society President

#350: Mum's Tablecloth Sketchbook & Cartooning's Night of Nights is This Week!

#349: A Week of Goodbyes, A Special Early Sketchbook, & Gavin Aung Than

#348: Subway Sketches, Bathtub Mood & A slew of New Yorker cartoonists you should be following

#347: Pickleball in the Park with Ronny Chieng, The Chess Pigeon of Washington Square Park & George Booth!

🗽Your Shout #1: The Chess Pigeon of Washington Square Park

#346: Art Vs. Words with Nishant, Sophie's Charity Bagel Goal, & Sketchbook Style-Studies

#345: The Strike hits Comic-Con, The Rain Hits Manhattan, and I hit the road ( LA.)

How was the Celeb-free San Diego Comic-Con?

#344: Inkwelling in Queens, Manhattanhenge was a bust & Bastille Day Sketchbook

#343: Prepping for San Diego Comic Con

#342: 4th of July on the Jersey Shore, Substack Soiree Sketchbook & Picture This!

4th of July on the Jersey Shore

#341: I became an American Citizen This Week, Picture This, Ben Folds Sketchbook & Mets Lose!

#340: On Turning Down the Volume to Hear Your Own Voice, Meet my Co-Author, Scott, & Behind-The-Scenes Manic Sketchbook Process

#339: Book Release Day Special Edition! The New Yorker Excerpt, Sketchbook Madness, & NYC gets Blanketed in Orange Smoke

#338: Exclusive excerpt of my book in the New Yorker, Writer's Digest Article Teaser, & Dispatches from the Dugout!

#337: Jumping ship from Mailchimp to Substack, Café Anne, & Morris says "Hello."

The World's Oldest Comedy Club.

#27: Sam Gross: The most absurdly funny gag cartoonist to ever wield a pen.

Farewell to a Legend: Celebrating the Life and Art of Al Jaffee at 102

Curbside dining in New York

Larry David Hated My Caricature of Him.

From Maspeth to Manchester

Jerry Seinfeld is doing a movie about Pop Tarts.

Subway Sketchbook #1: Doggy Bags of the MTA

Thoughts on creative partnerships.